Friday, April 12, 2013

If You're Not Getting Messy, You're Not Having Fun

Hooray!! We have reached the age/season that I have long awaited: Logan is now old enough to do arts, crafts, science projects, the works, AND the weather is good enough that we can do the projects without the house looking like a giant sneezed paint, paper, and supplies everywhere. I'm thinkin' we'll start blogging more to document our good times.

Today's project: Cool Whip Paint.  Two ingredients.  One is food coloring, the other, I'll give you 3 guesses and the last two don't count ;) Oh, and big paper, brushes, and a muffin tin come in handy. And we also found strawberries to dip do too, for the point when he quit painting and just wanted to eat the Cool Whip ;)

Here's the adorable pictures:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Milk Fireworks

Now that Logan is in full-blown toddlerhood he's constantly exploring - that's a positive word for "into-EVERYTHING!" My good friend Jessica Henrie suggested this activity, which Logan loved so much we have now done three days in a row. I've learned to conduct any fridge-business out of his sight, because if he so much as glimpses a jug of milk he'll be begging to do "Milk Fireworks". :) Here's a sneak peek of the fun we had, and how to do it yourself.

Pour milk onto bottom of cookie sheet until it's covered.
Dip Q-tips in dish soap.
Put drops of food coloring in the milk.
Touch the Q-tips to the color spots.
The color shoots out away from the Q-tip!
Afterwards, Logan had a blast just swirling the colors and slurping the milk. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Well World, you've been waiting for him and here he is: ADAM DANIEL BEENFIELD!!

He was born 1-31-13 (cool birthday, I know) and was 8 lbs 11 oz.  Labor and Delivery couldn't have gone better.  I did have to be induced (again) but when my waters were broken at about noon he was born just 5 hours later! I dilated so fast that the epidural had kinda a hard time catching up, but in the end worked great.  I considered writing a song about epidurals - there are songs for everything else lovely and good in the world, but I've never heard a single one about epidurals.  Odd. Pushing went insanely well, I had no idea it could go so positively.  And then my beautiful little boy came into the world!! He was able to be delivered to my chest, which was what I wanted most this whole pregnancy, since  Logan had complications and wasn't able to do immediate skin-to-skin.  I knew if I got to do skin-to-skin with Adam it would mean both of us were doing well, we'd have that meaningful time to connect, and he'd get all the miraculous benefits of skin-to-skin.  He came out healthy as can be and then ate for 40 minutes - that's my idea of getting things off to a good start ;)

He has such an amazing, gentle, calm, little spirit.  We are blown away that we got another wonder baby.  He has the most transfixing dark eyes and I'm so happy to be his mom.  Couldn't ask for a sweeter little baby. We love you Adam!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Man-Child - yes, another one

WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER BOY!!!! We're uber excited to have our new arrival coming the end of Jan/beginning of Feb :) Yes, I know that was pretty fast, but I always wanted my kids close together.  Logan and Baby Bean will be 21 months apart - a good age apart to grow up as buddies! Yay!

Logan is doing great, and just amazes us at how much he has changed this summer.  No longer is he a clueless baby, he is an all-over, non-stop-action, soaking everything in like a sponge, toddler. He's communicating a little with sign and some of his own words, which is so fun for all of us :) We just love him so dang much. Basically, being his mom ROCKS.

As for John and I, we're moving into a townhome soon! Very excited to be acting like adults again, living on our own, supporting each other :) It's been a wonderful summer though, and a great opportunity to get closer to my in-laws and have Logan get to know his grandparents better.

Of course, no blog is complete without pictures, so let me see what snapshots I can find for ya all...Loves!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oops, I blinked and the year went by...HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!

Well, Logan is one now! I can hardly believe it.  Being his mom has been the greatest pleasure I've known.  How could I have thought all my life that it would be uneventful/boring to be 'just a mom'? He makes John's and my marriage better, daily moments funnier, and life itself so much richer.  Whenever I have to be away from him I wish I could be two places at one time, and one of me could just always be with him. ;) Well, without further ado, the adorable pictures of my charming one year old!! :)

Sending our love to you all! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Logan our Lion!!

For Halloween we were an Arabian prince and princess with our pet lion. Here's a few pics :

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Sunshine

It's been a while since I've updated you on our little sunshine! Though I'm sure all you moms out there disagree, we feel amazed that of all the kids in all the world, we got the best one. :) And he gets more and more fun everyday! He can roll and roll and roll so leaving him in one spot doesn't last long, he loves to be sitting up though still needs a little help, and loves the echoes in the kitchen so whenever we are in there he squeals to kingdom come. LOUD, much to our downstairs neighbors dismay I'm sure ;) His favorite pastimes are blowing raspberries and taking a bath. He splashes non-stop :) He's always smiling, laughing, or peacefully taking in the world around him. He's so curious. Well, if you're like me your probably mostly looking at this post for the adorable pictures, so here ya go!